About the Editor

Paula Melissa is the founder and editor of Paula Melissa, the lifestyle platform. Her goal and general vision is to find inspiration and to inspire other people with her words and lifestyle.

Paula Melissa is a British Nigerian, born and raised in London, England. She likes many things that often feature in this blog: people, education, careers, faith, fashion and make up, social media, advice and talking about herself in third person!

Our Story

This site began in July 2012 as paulapacesetter.com. PaulaPaceSetter, the blog, grew from Paula’s online diary  to an outlet for sharing stories from Paula and people she met. PaulaPaceSetter became like a big sister to many, offering the perfect mixture of much-needed advice, educational pieces and banter!

This site, Paula Melissa is like the older sister of PaulaPaceSetter (the older sister of the older sister, if you like!) with more stories and more lifestyles being showcased for your inspiration and entertainment!

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