By Paula Melissa

When the YouVersion Bible app first added streaks and perfect weeks last year, I was a little sceptical.

I may or may not have had thoughts along the lines of: “Um… why?” “This isn’t Snapchat!” “Let’s not force it now. In the world but not of it… remember?!” But I can admit when I’m wrong (well.. most of the time I can) and quickly found myself building a nice ‘streak’ of daily time spent on the Bible app.


‘Streaks’ are a nice way to encourage yourself to read your Bible daily – even if it’s just the verse of the day – and build a healthy habit of enjoying the word of God.


When travelling home from a trip to Atlanta, USA (more on this fun holiday in future posts!) I crossed into the next day because of timezones but I didn’t realise. I don’t know if that made any sense! Basically I left America on Wednesday evening and got to London Thursday evening and at some point – while I was million feet (not scientifically accurate) in the air – there was evening, and there was morning – the next day. So by the time I went to bed and woke up, my 284-day streak, along with my heart, was broken.


The funny thing about this is that it almost happened a few days early. The lovely hosts my sister and I were staying with in Atlanta had their internet/wifi cut for 24 hours at some point during our second week there. My first thought when we realised (and yes this was my first thought – I’m weird!) was “Oh no! I’m going to break my streak.” That’s not good and here’s why.


What had initially started as a great tool to encourage me to read the Bible more consistently, had became a bullet point on my bullet point list of reasons why I am such a good person. Slowly, and subtly, pride crept into my heart and festered. It was nourished and steadily grew until that day when I realised that I was prideful. I was saying screaming, look at me, I’ve read my Bible every single day for the last 284 days – and truth be told, that’s just went they started streaks on the app. I was reading it daily before then too.


Two claps for you, Paula! A pat on the back too!


It does not matter what number my streak was. The gag is: was God’s word actually touching and changing my heart? Or was it just another thing I do every morning. Is it as routine as brushing my teeth, something I can do absentmindedly, without having to engage my brain, heart or spirit?


The honest answer to those questions is definitely between God and I. 


When I broke my streak this morning I was a little upset. It was an “aww okay” moment. I sat quietly and mourned for a sec before doing what I do in most life situations – post about it on social media! All dramatics aside (me, dramatic? Never!) I am okay with breaking my streak because it has forced me to check myself and check my priorities.


What am I doing and why I doing it?

Is it give myself the glory (even if it’s just from myself. From me, to myself.) or to reflect the glory of God?


My priorities are mad sometimes – like in this situation, I just got a lil buzz each time I saw the number increase in days of my streak. I’d sit there looking at my phone, grinning to myself – weirdo. 


I now have another chance to ensure that every time I go on my Bible app (or the hardback version – although that RARELY happens. I like the app because of the easy access to different translations, notes, search, Bible plans, verse images and highlighting etc. I’m such a millennial), it is to fully enjoy God’s word and reflect in His glory alone!


Paula Melissa xx

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