Welcome to Paula Melissa

I’m Paula Melissa and welcome to my lifestyle site!

This platform incorporates different aspects of everyday life and glorifies the beautiful little things that make us human. Things like faith, hope and love. I am someone who has an interest in people and their stories and journeys and this blog was born out of that interest and a strong desire to share that. I like to find inspiration in things and people around me and share that inspiration with others.

Have a look at the About and Contact pages to get to know more about what we do here and ways to get in touch.  Alongside being a lifestyle blogger, I am a Video Content ProducerPortrait Photographer and Freelance Digital Creator. 

This blog has a little bit of everything so take a look around, get comfortable, get familiar. See something you like? Comment. Like. Share. All that good stuff. This blog aims to promote happiness, peace and positivity.


Paula Melissa xx

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