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Interviewed by Paula Melissa

Interview date: 15/02/2017

Feature Image by Jonathan Luchow

Despite only joining the UK Gospel music scene as CalledOut Music two years ago, singer-songwriter and musician Samuel Nwachukwu is a firm favourite across all ages. He is known for hits like ‘I Am Free’, ‘My Prayer’ and ‘You’re Mine’.

The name ‘CalledOut’ comes directly from the Bible. In 1 Peter 2:9 , it says: ‘But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praise of him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.’

CalledOut Music takes pleasure in all glory and fame from his music going to God. In fact, that is why he picked the name!

“I wanted something that didn’t remind people of me as an individual. It helps a lot in terms of dealing with pride.”

Although it sounds obvious being a gospel artist, it is worth noting that CalledOut Music’s faith is central to him, his creativity and ultimately his music.

He said: “Being a Christian dictates my life.

“With me, I’m a Christian first and everything else second. My decisions are guided by the fact that I am a Christian.

“My creative process revolves around the music meaning something. I focus on the message and the music comes after.”

With thousands of followers on social media and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, CalledOut Music has a dedicated, supportive following.

He feels he has a duty to be authentic, often taking to Instagram stories to break down the meanings and stories behind his songs.

He said: “I always pray that the thing that will make me different is that people see the transparency they get with me. Being transparent in the music and in my speech, makes people more comfortable.

“I make mistakes. I probably flopped yesterday. I’m a human being, who is imperfect. If I’m pressing on every single day, what’s your excuse?”

The vulnerability expressed in CalledOut Music’s songs is beautiful. It reminds fans that just like him, they must always come before God with an open and trusting heart.

“My Prayer. That song is my life. I was talking about me and nobody else.

“But I know people are going through some of the same things I am going through.

“Every song that I write has a Bible verse attached to it. I don’t shy away from that any more. When you’re writing songs, yes you can have your melodies and rhymes but is it Biblical? The Bible is timeless so [my] songs will be timeless.”

As well as the support from fans and friends, CalledOut Music is motivated by his family and his manager, who he especially speaks very highly of.

He said: “My manager provides me with the reality check I need. He always says remember where you are coming from and why you are doing this.

“He reminds me not to do anything stupid! Not to let the devil have any leeway. He gives me real, practical life advice, particularly about the reality of the music industry.”

When asked for advice for those looking to create music like him, CalledOut Music said: “Don’t wait for anyone to do anything for you. Find a producer and just work. If you have been called, be prepared to work.

“Heaven helps those who help themselves!

“I know it is hard, in terms of finance but that is when you need to really apply yourself. Create your own resources. Get on social media, put yourself out there. If you have 500 followers, that is a start. Create official accounts, create a booking email address, learn software to reduce the cost.

“It is tougher if you’re a Christian but put everything in place and work on your craft.”


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