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In his YouTube video Enjoy God When It’s Boring, Joseph Solomon talks about glorifying God even in the mundane, ‘everyday’ activities like going to work or school. 

He draws on 1 Corinthians 10:31, where Paul is telling the Christians in Corinth to make sure that everything they do, including their eating and drinking, brings glory to God.

I am guilty of getting bored and impatient when I am not in the exciting stages of life. During these periods, I struggle to understand the purpose of what I am doing and feel like I am wasting valuable time. I did a work placement year where I was an intern at a large international business. Getting the role and working at such a globally recognised business was admittingly good for my future career prospects but soon after starting there, the glamour wore off and I realised that for 12 months, my life would consist of working Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm and I did not like the sound of that.

Waking up early gets boring. Sitting at the same desk, doing the same work and seeing the same people every day gets boring. Eventually, I found ways to rebel against the routine like taking an hour fifteen for lunch instead of an hour or leaving half an hour before I was supposed to. While I still worked hard and really liked my colleagues and managers, I most definitely spent a lot of time wishing my internship would end so that I could use the skills I learnt elsewhere.

Excitement drives a lot of people. We anticipate the future, and wish away the present in the process. Whereas, God calls us in the here and now. In the mundane task of going to work and sitting in the same desk, bring glory to his name by continually producing the best work you can. By loving your colleagues in practical ways and being an overflowing fountain of joy, peace and trust. Be engaged in the everyday things and not just the overtly fun, exciting things, because in both instances, God is still God and deserves all glory and praise.


Paula Melissa xx

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