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Yes, I realise that it’s right at the end of January 2020 and we’re basically a month into the new year. And this is my first blog post. But oh my gosh has it been a great 2020 so far for me!

Towards the end of last year, I started feeling this weird restlessness. While I was at a comfortable (but not necessarily easy) place in my life, I found myself itching to do more and to be all that God wants me to be.

One of my favourite things about myself and the way God has created me is that I get really exciting, random ideas. And I’m ridiculously passionate and optimistic. If anyone can make it work (with super limited resources, might I add!), it’s me.

On the 6th January 2020, I launched She.H.H!

She.H.H is a new audio interview series all about Christian women in the front and behind the scenes of Christian music all over the world. The name is a play on the phrase CHH, which stands for Christian Hip Hop. 

The 5 women that feature in Series 1 (from L to R: Sal Ly, Wande, CASS, Adegail, Risha Leondra)

I actually first had the idea to create something like this in April 2019 but finally started working and organising it towards the end of 2019.

This series, which is Series 1 (*hopefully* there will be a Series 2, God willing), features five of my absolute favourite Christian artists and Christian Music personnel from all over: Wande, CASS, Risha Leondra, Adegail and Sal Ly.

The purpose of this is to promote some fantastic female artists in a predominately male industry and also talk about their musical and faith journeys. 

You can check the interviews out so far on YouTube:

I also held my third Faith and Food Sheffield Bible study and brunch this month. FAFS is my baby and I am so grateful for how much it has grown and developed since we launched last September.

We have already had a sister branch open up in Liverpool – which is amazing! FAFL is being run and hosted by my good good friend (and crazy talented singer-songwriter btw) Chiedza Jane – if you’re in Liverpool, hit her up!

Faith and Food Liverpool
Faith and Food Liverpool – image by @csi_studios (on IG)

Alongside ALLLLL of this, I have been doing CV and LinkedIn makeovers and career consultations. Phew! It’s been a busy month. In case you missed it, I am now available to provide CV, LinkedIn and career support and advice for junior careers (internships, placements, graduate jobs etc). Email me if you are interested.

SO YES. It’s been a busy one in both my professional and personal life.

I just feel like God has so much planned for this year. For you and for me. I pray blessings over all of you reading – let’s have a productive, flourishing 2020!!


Paula Melissa xx

Paula Melissa is a digital content creator, portrait photographer and freelance journalist. Since starting a blog in 2012 and graduating from the University of Sheffield with a Journalism Studies with Employment Experience degree in 2019, Paula has gone on to create and grow her own dynamic digital media empire. She loves reading, eating and spending time with her dog, Rolfie.
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