Limoblaze arj album


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Samuel Imo, also known as Limoblaze, is an award-winning Nigerian rapper, singer and afro-gospel artist. Afrobeats Rap and Jesus (ARJ), his third studio album, is out now!

This week, Spotify released its annual Spotify Wrapped, which is an accumulation of your most played songs and favourites artists of the year.

It was very very very unsurprising to see that my Artist of the Year is Limoblaze. He consistently and constantly makes good music that I can’t help but play on repeat.

Limoblaze arj album

He was hinting at it in our interview with him a couple months ago, that this new album was going to be some of his best music yet – and he did not disappoint!

Limo – as he is affectionately known by his friends and fans – said: “Even though I didn’t start off making Afrobeats music, I’m currently at a place where I have redefined my sound and I’m excited to bless the world with this project.

My interview with Limoblaze

The Afrobeats Rap and Jesus (ARJ) album joins the Limoblaze discography of Blind and Before Now which came out in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

Limo said: “My influences growing up spanned around a wide variety of sounds and artists. But being born and raised in Nigeria, the most dominant sound is Afrobeats in various forms.

“From the buses going through town, to the loud stereo sounds coming from the barber shop. To the local church band playing on Sundays, to the street carnivals.

“ARJ is me creating a space where my type of music can freely exist.
The music is unapologetically Jesus”

ARJ is out everywhere you get your music from:


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