This press page holds all the press interviews, articles, videos and podcasts featuring or created by Paula Melissa.

Paula Melissa – the digital content creator who started a creative digital agency in 2020

An article on starting my digital agency, Paula Melissa Co, written by Claudia Efemini.


What it’s like to be diagnosed with a learning disability as an adult – Metro

My first person account of discovering I’m dyslexia last year. Published on Metro Online.

Paula's dyslexia story

At the ripe old age of 21 years, eight months and 20 days, I was told I have dyslexia. I was in the final year of my four-year journalism degree at the University of Sheffield, just nine months away from graduating. Read more:

BBC News: The Victoria Derbyshire Show – The Queen’s 90th Birthday

Click on image to go on clip of live show in new tab

On the 24th of April 2016, I was on the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC News and BBC2, on a special program for the Queen’s 90th birthday with my friend, Bolu Bello.

My RTS Bursary Diary

Here is my article discussing being a Royal Television Society bursary student.

Paula amiling with RTS friends

Why am I the Royal Television Society’s biggest cheerleader? When I learnt of the Royal Television Society (RTS) bursaries in 2015, I knew I had to apply. Any organisation actively committed to the diversification and inclusion of underrepresented groups within the British media will always hold a place in my heart. Read more:

New Narrative Magazine

New Narrative magazine

Here are all the articles I wrote for a new online magazine called New Narrative magazine, I created (with my team) for Black, Asian and Minority Ethic (BAME) Creatives.

University of Sheffield – Sheffield City Tour

Here is one of the videos I presented for the University of Sheffield’s YouTube channel promoting and highlighting the great city of Sheffield.

protonixmusix radio show #39 Woman Of Steel Ft. Wande X Paula Melissa X Taiwo

I featured in an episode of MannyAde’s Protonixmusix radio show, where I interviewed Wande.

Future 100: The top 100 women to watch in 2018

I was shortlisted in The Tab Future 100 – a collection of the most impressive, driven and inspirational women at uni in the UK, in partnership with J.P. Morgan. See more:

North West Sheffield

North West Sheffield

Here are all the articles I created for online news site, North West Sheffield. Read more:

Pursue Your Passion – Photography/Videography

Pursue your passion

I did photography and videography for the Pursue Your Passion event.

How To Start Your Own Business When it’s Hard with Paula Melissa

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ronke Lawal recently for for my blog

We Are Igbo – Multimedia Project

Here is my online multimedia project about my journey to rediscover my Igbo heritage. It was my final year project on my Journalism Studies with Employment Experience Undergraduate degree and it received a first.

My Story: I am British Nigerian. Which for me means, I am born and raised in England but I am of Nigerian heritage because that is where my parents are from.

Check it out here:

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