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Known as The Tailor Fitted, Oli Greaves is a Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle blogger and YouTuber, with a mission to encourage young men to be confident in who they are and to be the best they can be.


He said: “The name Tailor Fitted is around the idea of being built for purpose.

“I believe we all have a gift. We all have a reason and purpose and we should fulfil it!”

With notable brand collaborations with the likes of such as Foot Asylum and BoohooMAN and a number of years of in the digital production profession, Oli is set to continue to take the British men’s fashion scene by storm.

In 2014, when Oli started on YouTube and blogging at www.thetailorfitted.com, he acknowledged that not many black British men on YouTube were doing what he was doing.

“There were black men doing comedy and ranting and I didn’t want to do that. I offered an alternative view to men’s fashion.”

YouTube now has well over a billion users, accounting for almost one-third of all internet users, many of which have their own channels they create and upload videos to. In such a seemingly saturated space, how do you stand out from everyone else?

Oli said: “The best way to stand out is to let your work speak for you.

“I find it fascinating when I scroll and see people online with hardly any information in their bios but still have a lot of followers. Their work does the talking for them.”

Before starting his brand, Oli was already working as a digital producer, specialising in 360-degrees video and virtual reality (VR). He created content for and with brands and talent.

“I got on really well with some of the creators I was working with and it sparked the idea of creating my own content.

“When I started, because I had built a relationship with the other creators, they were happy to share my stuff and it snowballed from there.

“I remember getting 500 subs in a day and being really happy that people were watching my content!”

It is so refreshing and exciting to see the rise in black British men exploring not only the men’s fashion industry on YouTube, but also music, arts, photography and so much more. Influencers of all sizes, ages and genres – such as Mr200m, Ehis and THECLASSICMANNY – have dedicated followers committed to their content and emotionally invested in them.

Oli said: “It’s not about the paintbrush, it’s about the person holding it!”

This truth is what has inspired Black British men to stand up and make their voices heard instead of waiting for them to be presented for them.

Often, this starts with little to no resources – Ehis, who has 16,000 subscribers on YouTube, is known for recording his videos on his iPhone.

“Use the resources you have around you!” Oli said. “Just practice. Anyone who has succeeded at their craft has practised. Have patience because things do not happen overnight.

“Even if you feel that you do not have the tangible resources you want, discipline yourself with what you do have in anticipation for when the opportunities come.”

Oli holds his friends and family close to his heart. He is also inspired by artists and creators, citing rapper Common’s Finding Forever album as a source of inspiration: “It spoke about how everything you see is temporary. But no one can take away your legacy.

“It encourages me to produce a brand and content that goes beyond me. Something that will be there for future generations.”

For more of Oli: His blog, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


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